Screening and Intervention for Glaucoma and eye Health through Telemedicine (SIGHT)


Screening and Interventions for Glaucoma and Eye Health Through Telemedicine (SIGHT) Studies

The Vision Health Initiative (VHI) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention aims to enhance public health surveillance and research that provides the basis for effective public health programs and policies to reduce the burden of vision loss.
  • University of Alabama Birmingham
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Vision-Related Quality of Life in the Manhattan Vision Screening and Follow-up Study in Vulnerable Populations: One Month Feasibility Results

In the United States, high rates of vision impairment and eye disease disproportionately impact those who lack access to eye care, specifically vulnerable populations. The objective of our study was to test instruments, implement protocols, and collect preliminary data for a larger 5-year study, which aims to improve detection of eye diseases and follow-up eye care in vulnerable populations using community health workers (CHW) and patient navigators.
  • Columbia University
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Barriers and Facilitators to Obtaining Eyeglasses for Vulnerable Patients in a Michigan Free Clinic

Uncorrected refractive error is the main cause of visual impairment globally. Understanding barriers and facilitators underserved individuals face in obtaining eyeglasses will help address high rates of uncorrected refractive error.
  • University of Michigan